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Sue Green, the heart and soul behind Willowbrook Cotton Company

Press Release- September 2014

Sue Green, owner and founder behind the well-loved Willowbrook Cotton Company will be opening her doors again in Casterbridge, White River. Her linen is handmade unique with pure and fresh one hundred percent percale cotton. Her love for beautiful, pure cotton bed linen rubbed off on her from her mother and has since been a never ending passion for what she does and lives it out fully.


When Sue started her business 19 years ago, cotton was not something that was readily available. After one particular hot summer of sweating on poly cotton, Sue decided to make her own. It was also the advent of domestic embroidery machines, and Sue took the venture one step further and bought a machine. “That was the beginning… One embroidery machine and one helper in a spare room on the farm. I did start by making some tea cosies and was amazed when somebody bought them,” Sue explained. Now not only do they have a vast bed linen range for adults, but the cutest ‘Little Willow’ brand evolved too, bedding and dressing little ones from newborn up to the age of 3.

She walks around with this buzz in her head all the time and draws inspiration from strolls in elegant shopping malls or reading magazines to see what colours are coming into season and what the latest trends are. Sue has a dynamic team of 15 that works for her. She plays around with samples of colours, fabrics and textures whilst experimenting with designs. “It’s not that easy to get colours right and designs need to be fiddled with, so it takes a long time before we eventually say – yes that’s it!!” says Sue.

One of her hobbies when she is not busy thinking of new cotton designs is to play golf, driving from hole to hole with her much loved blue golf car her husband bought for one of her birthdays. Sue has a flagship store in Design Quarter in Johannesburg, which is a big success. Sue is extremely passionate about her brand and loves every moment of it. Please visit the store in Casterbridge once they are open on 1 Ocotober.