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What does 100% cotton bedding do for us humans?

21 January 2015

“How would you get hold of bed linen that is 100% cotton and where is it available?” is a question I heard two ladies over at the table to my left.

I sometimes wonder if people understand once you move in the world of 240 thread count cotton bedroom linen that there isn’t anything better!

cottonThat feeling that you get when throwing yourself on your beautiful white linen … that touch… isn’t it indescribable? We at Willowbrook Cotton Company strive for this as a reality with our 100% 240 thread count cotton bed linen.

Whether you’re a home owner, lodge owner or simply want to impress your guests, cotton is a breathable fabric and as such, has the ability to

  • transfer moisture away from the skin,
  • feel cool to the touch on warm days yet will provide you warmth on chilly days
  • is a hypo-allergenic fabric, ideal for those prone to allergies or skin irritations

all this will leave you to the ultimate nights rest!

Take note: 100% cotton bed linen will mean it will withstand years of washing.